Your Dunedin House Inspections inspector is Richard Moore, who knows Dunedin and the greater Otago/South Canterbury area very well. He is well trusted in his field.

Richard has 35+ years experience in the building industry and gained his qualifications through apprenticeship doing pre-fab concrete cladding.  Since then, Richard has experience working with: new/old homes; commercial building; waterproofing; brought and sold a number of his own properties; and has specialized in the maintenance, care and renovation of older homes.

There is a significant difference in the knowledge and experience of a builder whom has particular experience in building new and a builder who specializes in the renovation & maintenance of older homes.  An inspector requires experience in both new and older homes; Richard has this experience.

While Richard was self employed, renovating and maintaining homes, he came across an unfathomable number of property buyers who were unpleasantly surprised at the amount of work required after they purchased their property.  This prompted Richard to provide people with the advice and knowledge they need prior to purchase – he has been providing this advice for over 10 years.  

Richard works with his partner, Gina Moore. Gina will accompany Richard on most inspections, assisting with the inspection and taking notes, and is one of the people who will type the report for you and generally deals with the technology side of the business. 

Being onsite with Richard, provides Gina with a better understanding of your particular property, improving service to you. Gina has previous experience working in a lawyers office and as an artist: both have given her a particular eye for detail.

Gina and Richard are a husband and wife team who have owned their own building company since 2006.


While we can not promise to uncover everything that may be wrong with your property, (we can not pull of exterior cladding to see what’s underneath etc), we do promise that we can provide our excellent expertise in assessing as many of the issues as possible.