Same day verbal update if required, followed by the full comprehensive written building report within 48hrs of site inspection*.


Whether you are buying your dream home or property for investment, what you're buying is secondhand.


It is important to know what state the property you are buying is in, so just like a secondhand car, you should have it thoroughly checked out prior to purchase, as unseen issues could cost you potentially everything.

Getting a pre-purchase building inspection completed by Dunedin House Inspections; professional
pre-purchase building inspectors with the appropriate experience, followed by a written report can arm you, your bank and insurance provider with the information and confidence you need to make the right decision for you, and an ability to better negotiate your sale and purchase agreement.


The land agent has the hard job of convincing you to purchase the vendor's property, with no building experience whatsoever. Getting a building report assessment completed, not only helps safeguard you and your investment but also helps to protect the vendor and the land agent.

Dunedin House Inspection’s sole purpose is to;

  • Provide you with easy to read and understandable detailed building reports

  • Delivery of reports by email to you and if required, your bank, lawyers or insurance providers at your written request

  • Provide prompt service: In a hurry? We can give you a verbal report (via phone if need be), after the site inspection.

  • Followed by the supply of a written report approximately 24hrs - 48hrs after the site inspection, (or the evening of, except when it falls on a weekend or public holiday).


Easy to read, understand, and comprehensive

  • Know what you are buying, find cover-ups/paint over’s and patch up jobs

  • Discuss any concerns or issues you may have

  • Give current up-to-date advice on any potential remedial work required and plans you may have for the future so that you know what (if anything), can be done to repair such findings. This gives all parties the ability to better negotiate.

  • Give advice on regular care for your home and things to watch out for in the future


Safe, non-invasive

We carry the Trotec T660 and the Trotec T650
non-invasive moisture meter and use it where required. This process is included in our standard pricing. This gives you the best opportunity to identify decay/rot or areas taking in moisture that might not otherwise be seen by a visual inspection.

We are able to arrange Qualified Electrical Inspections as requested, on your behalf, usually at the same time as we are inspecting.


Avoid unpleasant surprises

We are able to obtain asbestos samples for lab testing, and are fully trained Methamphetamine Testing Agents

“What a fabulous report.  Fantastic advice, helpful pricing and a good idea of what is involved in the future.  Thank you, commissioning this report was the best thing we did.”


“Thank you for the building report.  We  especially thank you for making it so easy for us and how quickly you put it all together.  The practical advice and maintenance recommendations was great for helping us make a decision on the property purchase.”


“I find Richard has an in-depth knowledge of buildings and completes his reports in a factual and non threatening way.”

Jason Whitehead - Cutlers MREINZ

Due Diligence on your prospective purchase:

"Should I or shouldn't I; it's so expensive to get reports and I'm missing out on purchasing a house by having conditions in the contract".

When comparing the cost of a written report, (or even several written reports, if you miss out on your first house in the current market), it still makes sense to complete your due diligence and protect your investment.

Note: Repeat clients receive a discount.


Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

Cost of written reports starts from $540.00 inclusive of GST for a standard 1 – 2 room apartment or house with 1 living and 1 bathroom. $609.00 inclusive of GST for a 3 room house, with 1 living and 1 bathroom. $680.00 inclusive of GST for a 4 room house/apartment with 1 living and no more than 2 bathrooms. There is a $77.00 inclusive of GST charge per room over the 4 bedrooms price bracket. If you have multi-units under the same roof, have more than one house on a site to be inspected, or have a double storied building this will cost more, depending on the size. If your building has been separated into units please inquire as to what the price may be.

We are able to arrange Qualified Electrical Inspections at the same time as we are inspecting, upon request at an extra cost to you for approximately $280.00.

We prefer to examine and compare any plans on a LIM. A LIM can be supplied to Dunedin House Inspections by you, and we will review and compare with what we see on the day of inspection. We can obtain a LIM on your behalf upon written request. This service will cost extra as per DCC charges.

Safe and Sanitary Reports can be completed upon request. Please apply as to the cost for your specific job.

Please note:

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